Sunday, February 1, 2009

A dedication.

Today i am reminded of a very beautiful person. My guru,my teacher Mrs. Kamlesh Madan. For all those who don't know her.. let me tell you... she is.... a very knowledgeble teacher... and very nice, sensible, sensitive person.. bt i dont think so i can really express what she is for me.

Guru is the only word i find nearest to what i want to say.

The reason i am missing her is RECESSION. she was my economics teacher at school. i remember how she spent classes after classes teaching us abt Great Depression. She used to really get sad while talking abt the insecurity.. and we did not understand it then. M not sure, if i understood it even a month before today... bt now i do. i understand what it means when we lose jobs.wen we cant find job despite degree and the will to work. unemployment, underemployment, disguised unemployment all these words are not just vocab anymore.. i can see it n somewhere feel it!

N wat reminds me of maam is .... the lack of a guru at this stage. i understand that now life is the only experience would tell me everything. there will not be as easy. ... there are no half yearly's to evaluate and no finals to improve the performance. then ... there is one thing Maam taught me. and i think... that is the only thing that is going to take me ahead. "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"..

n i promise... to u maam, and to everyone who believed in me... and taught me to believe in myself ... THAT I WILL GIVE A MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE....




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  2. am sure u will...
    best wishes n luck to u..

  3. hmmm... life is ultimately the only teacher, I guess... be positive, and hope your dreams do come true... m sure you will reach them...

  4. Hi Sweksha,

    I really liked your post and your writing...your poems are very insightful and poignant. Am bookmarking your blog and will wait to see more!
    The reason I am posting this, however, is that Mrs. Madan was my teacher too when I was at mariampur...I passed out ages ago but my fondest memory of that awful place is the teachers and Mrs. Madan in particular. She taught with such energy and verve that it was impossible to not get lost in the whole lecture. I remember her very fondly.Strange how things come back to you! take care and do write more - you make a neat job of it - Richa